Shareholder Value Analysis

It is our opinion that companies need to understand the broad concept of creating shareholder value, particularly when assessing the value of potential projects. It is in light of this that they should understand the importance of identifying, controlling, and improving the performance of the value drivers and the key factors that influence them. We help and support our clients to sort out their shareholder value analysis.
For us, unlocking shareholder value is essentially a change process and requires the interest of the people making the key operational decisions. Therefore, for the needed change and for our clients, we like to engage in a change process targeted at achieving high-profile successes. This is because of our strong belief that success demonstrates the value of the change, highlights its benefits, and win over potential (sceptics) investors and/or publics.

Advocacy & Intervention

Advocacy and intervention are exciting as well as difficult work. Yes, we know! Though this is about getting the pleasure of fighting the good fight, and sometimes, the thrill of victory, but in order for us to have that, though, we are conscious of the need to get through all of the day-to-day details and specifics … keeping an eye on the forest while working on the trees individually.
We are very sure that the rationale for intervention and advocacy should be dealt with more strategically.  However, we are in the know that if there is not a clear rationale for strategic intervention and advocacy, there is a risk that any impact assessment undertaken will identify limited net additional impacts.  The reason for this is obvious that, in the absence of a clear rationale, deadweight may be very high.  Given this, it is, for us, useful to understand the rationale that justifies the advocacy and intervention in the market or any other identified sector. Therefore, our strategic intervention and advocacy will always seek to redress the identified imbalance for the shared and the general good.
It is, for us, about passion, and we are passionate about using the considerable interest to inform citizens of abnormal conditions, in an effort to motivate them into very peaceful action, professionally and typically through lobbying, stakeholder meetings, conferences etc. We are poised to being the liaison between organisations, regulators, interest groups, and the masses.

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Please know that your contribution towards building our destination and our brand in such a way is acknowledged and greatly appreciated…

Thuto Phaka
Trade Relations manager, South African Tourism

It’s wonderful to see people like this. People who are passionate and dedicated. We are fortunate to have such talented people working for them.
Thank you for all the help you have given me.

Keith Bell
Production Editor, Jonnic Group

We hope that you would continue in the good work of driving the consistent presentation of your unique tasting premium adult soft drink, Malta Guinness that has just changed its packaging to a fantastic new 33cl bottle which promises consumers Goodness inside and out.

Innocent Oboh
Brand manager Malta Guinness, Guinness Nigeria