Marketing Communications Management

There is no doubt that today’s business is market-driven. We are versed in the theory and practice of marketing communication management. We have also continued to keep tab on marketing developments so as to help our clients stay on course in the battle for fair market share and value. We help to set objectives, develop strategies and execute marketing plans.  All this we do because companies in recent times compete aggressively for export and import, capital, liquidity, fair valuation, local and international businesses. The pressures are greater than ever. In order to succeed, we are sure that our clients need to be presented in a powerful, attractive and dynamic way.
Drawing on our professional expertise, We have developed proprietary tools, techniques and approaches necessary for providing our clients with powerful marketing programmes, market research and intelligence.
Marketing has gone far beyond the actual purchase and sales of goods and services. At Enam-Edmond Consult, every event is considered an extension and representation of the corporate ideals of the company, our client. For us, an event is not singularly judged as a good venture by virtue of the organisation, but rather what it leaves with the stakeholders in relation to the corporate ideals of our clients.
We organise events to achieve the objective of corporate perception marketing. Every event is also considered an opportunity to sell our client and its ideals.
We originate and undertake concepts for both above- the- line and below- the- line marketing promotions; we produce for our clients trade incentives such as calendars, diaries, stationery items, souvenirs, awards, and other general gift items. We also undertake the design and production of effective point- of- sale (POS) materials such as posters, handbills, shelf display strips, stickers, banners and bunting.

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We help your company create and improve their financial position through long lasting and mutually rewarding relationships.

Please know that your contribution towards building our destination and our brand in such a way is acknowledged and greatly appreciated…

Thuto Phaka
Trade Relations manager, South African Tourism

It’s wonderful to see people like this. People who are passionate and dedicated. We are fortunate to have such talented people working for them.
Thank you for all the help you have given me.

Keith Bell
Production Editor, Jonnic Group

We hope that you would continue in the good work of driving the consistent presentation of your unique tasting premium adult soft drink, Malta Guinness that has just changed its packaging to a fantastic new 33cl bottle which promises consumers Goodness inside and out.

Innocent Oboh
Brand manager Malta Guinness, Guinness Nigeria