We are being engaged for various reasons

Among the most common reasons that we are being sought after is access to our contacts within the private, small/mid-cap investment community. We are poised to setting success record in aligning clients with relevant investors and analysts that can take action. We make ourselves available to clients who seek our proficiency in messaging and investor communications, an always valuable – but increasingly rare – skill set in today’s fast-moving, technology-driven communications climate. We combine fluency in communication, finance and investing with a deep understanding of each client’s business, industry and culture, as well as management’s goals and philosophies.
For most clients, we serve as an outsourced investor relations department. For larger companies with an IRO or similar internal capability, we provide an array of support services including positioning, drafting various forms of investor communications, arranging investor meetings and analyst days, conducting perception studies, and managing communications during crises.
Whatever the reason we are engaged, throughout our partnership we remain focused on formulating and implementing customised, effective IR programs that make the most productive use of management’s time.

Key Capabilities

Communication is a vital component of investors’ and analysts’ decision-making processes. Strong financial results are often not enough. Articulating strategy, key metrics and goals, and engaging in a clear, consistent, meaningful dialogue with investors and analysts allows them to develop a richer impression of management, their integrity, vision, and leadership. It is also critical to reassess a company’s position and messaging on a regular basis, and refine communications as appropriate.
Develop & Integrate Investment Thesis & Key Messages.
Create & Manage Investor Communications Plan/Calendar.
Write & Publish all Investor Communications – News Releases, Presentations, Fact Sheets, Conference Call Scripts, IR Website & Annual Report.
Expert in Communicating Strategy, Outlook, Financial Guidance, Major Developments and Complex Financial Matters.
Coach on Presentation Delivery and Q&A for Meetings and Quarterly Earnings Calls.

While a company’s performance certainly is the most important component of any IR program, it is also imperative to establish, and continually refresh an audience of appropriate investors and analysts that will enable constructive dialogue, proper interpretation and fair valuation of the company.
We cultivate potential investors and sell-side research coverage for clients, leveraging our broad base of contacts, ongoing market intelligence on new contacts, and matching clients with the most suitable buy and sell-side professionals. At the same time, we work to strengthen relationships with clients’ existing investors and covering analysts. Whether a company is just beginning to tell its story, or entering a new corporate life stage and pursuing its next opportunity set in the investment community, we tailor all outreach to suit each client’s unique situation.
Investment Conference Access, Preparation & Coordination. Secure participation in appropriate investment conferences leveraging our investment banking and analyst relationships. Prepare clients for conference participation, including creating compelling presentations and providing meeting intelligence. Manage associated logistics.

Ongoing, Targeted Outreach.
Market to relevant investors and analysts.

Maintain ongoing contact with analysts and investors and serve as a trusted source of information.

Productive Roadshow Meetings
Arrange in-person and tele-meetings with appropriate investment professionals throughout the world, always mindful of making the most productive use of management’s time. We work to make sure that our client base conducts reasonable investment community meetings annually.

Collaboration with Covering Analysts
Help optimise and oftentimes supplement roadshows arranged by firms that cover clients in research, thus centralising the entire investor outreach effort.

Investor Day Preparation, Organisation & Feedback
Organise and implement well-attended, effective Investor Days at client facilities throughout the world, and follow up with attendees to obtain feedback.

We assess each client’s unique corporate position and investment characteristics and work with the management team to collectively determine the Company’s investor relations and capital markets objectives. Drawing on our combined experience, and the deep knowledge and perspective derived from our long client partnerships, we develop strategies and detailed plans based on the established objectives, and throughout the course of our relationships, advise our clients on a wide range of corporate matters.

  •     Goal Assessment & Plan Development.
  •     IR Best Practices Audit & Implementation.
  •     Disclosure Policy Development.
  •     Deal Advisory.
  •     Counsel on all other corporate issues.

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Management teams must stay abreast of their company’s position in the public marketplace, as well as third party views of their company. At the same time, information overload is not productive. We provide the most appropriate market intelligence, tailoring content and format for each client.

  • Peer Monitoring & Analysis
  • Pre-meeting Intelligence.
  • Post-meeting Feedback.
  • Activist Intelligence.
  • Perception Studies & Ongoing Assessments.
  • Shareholder/Peer-holder Analysis.
  • Institutional Holder Reporting.
  • Board Meeting Preparation & Reporting Materials.

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For many of our clients, we expand investor and analyst awareness through proactive media relations. We take a conservative approach to the media, mindful that not all press is good press.
Media Outreach
Secure interviews, feature stories, and inclusion in industry pieces in traditional and online media. While our primary focus is on business publications, we also gain traction for our clients by securing placements in respected regional and trade media outlets.
Expert Positioning
Positioning our clients as experts in their field is one avenue we pursue for media coverage.
Media Training
We prepare management for interviews based on the type of media outlet.

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We have extensive experience working with clients as they execute and communicate various types of corporate transactions.
We are good at developing a strategy for working with companies to facilitate an up-listing from the NASD (ASeM) OTC market to the NSE.
We have closely observed some Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations (SPACs) that have successfully completed mergers with operating companies. We can develop and distribute all associated communications, arrange roadshow meetings, provide counsel on all areas related to the SPAC process and in the transition to a public company, and provide ongoing investor relations services post-merger.
We support companies throughout the IPO process, including strategic advisory, investment positioning, roadshow preparation, post-IPO planning, and broad-spectrum support in the transition to a public company.
Shareholder Activism
We counsel companies on activist perspectives and tactics, help identify where they may be vulnerable to shareholder activism, and provide counsel and communications support during activist campaigns.
Follow-on Equity Offerings
Often times the participants in our clients’ secondary offerings include a substantial portion of investors that we have introduced to the client over the course of our relationship.
Over the years, a large number of our clients have completed M&A transactions of varying sizes in a range of sectors with diverse underlying strategies. We have developed and implemented the associated communication plans, mindful of investors’ points of interest.
When a company undergoes a restructuring, we develop and implement a comprehensive communications program that addresses all audiences, conveys milestones and expectations, maintains management’s credibility, and fosters confidence in the company’s vision.

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Not every unexpected event has to be a crisis. We work with our clients to fully understand the situation, provide an objective point of view, and prepare a clear communications plan geared towards keeping stakeholders fully informed and maintaining management’s credibility.

IR Website Development & Management.

  • Corporate Video Production.
  • Executive Video Interviews.
  • Video Integration into Investor Presentations.
  • Social Media Consulting.

As a private company approaches and consummates an IPO, it enters a new corporate universe encompassing disclosure and governance, as well as fiduciary duties and economic incentives to properly communicate the Company’s messages to relevant investment community audiences. Effective investor relations can build confidence in an organization, increase its base of long-term investors, and reduce its overall cost of capital.
We work with companies leading up to and throughout the IPO process, as well as post-IPO on an ongoing basis. This includes strategic advisory, investment positioning, roadshow preparation, and many other activities encompassing broad-spectrum support in the transition to a public company.
Pre-IPO Investor Relations

  • Advise on the selection of underwriters and the overall IPO process.
  •    Conduct peer analysis
  •    Develop the Company’s investment thesis, and build an effective, well-designed roadshow presentation to clearly portray the investment story and position within the competitive landscape.
  •    Incorporate the investor messaging into a roadshow video, and manage the production of the video.
  •    Prepare management for the roadshow by coaching on presentation delivery and Q&A, and providing investor and peer intelligence.
  •    Work with the underwriters to ensure pursuit of the most appropriate investor targets.
  •    Advise on communicating this corporate milestone to employees and customers.
  •    Develop a well-organised communications infrastructure by: forming disclosure policies and procedures, establishing the framework to      issue news and conduct public quarterly conference calls, identifying and training spokespeople, and creating a new or enhanced Investor website section.
  •    Construct a comprehensive post-IPO investor communications and outreach plan.
  •    Organise a listing ceremony at the stock exchange, and media interviews on the first day of trading.

Post-IPO Investor Relations
Advise on the extensive disclosure, reporting and governance requirements, as well as on handling earnings expectations.

  •    Prepare for the first quarterly earnings event: determine metrics; draft the news release, script and slides; handle call and webcast logistics.
  •    Conduct ongoing outreach directed at the most relevant investors and analysts.
  •    Pursue and manage participation in productive investment conferences.
  •    Perform ongoing market intelligence including investor feedback; refine messaging and IR plan accordingly.
  •    Shepherd ongoing relationship-building with investors and analysts.
  •    Develop and manage the investor communications program on an ongoing basis.

Perception audit service is for us the vital tool to analyse and understand the publics perception of any organisation. It helps to form a particular ideal image of how an organisation is seen and how it wants to be seen by its different publics.
We strongly consider perception audit a management function which will in turn help to direct all the different resources of the organisation, to generate the right strategies to tackle the issues of corporate perception, be it on long, medium or short term bases.
We conduct perception studies on behalf of ongoing clients, or on a project basis. Each Perception Study is a thorough, yet tailored, objective assessment of investor and analyst sentiment.
The studies enable our clients and our firm to:
Develop a comprehensive understanding of investor/analyst sentiment and expectations, as opposed to segmented feedback following particular meetings.
Develop strategies that can be employed to: (i) positively influence investor perception to close the gap between market value and intrinsic value, or generally drive shareholder value; (ii) clarify misconceptions; (iii) differentiate the Company.
Formally inform the Board about these topics and any steps being taken.
Better understand their investment community audiences.

We are in the know that in other climes, activist hedge funds and the institutional investors who often follow their lead are generating positive returns. Shareholder activism has of course emerged as a conventional investment strategy, across all sectors.
Therefore, we are likely to see continued activism ahead, and a steady increase in the associated assets under management.
While the mainstream media extensively covers campaigns against larger, well-known companies, much of the recent growth in investor activism has been related to micro and small-cap companies.
We proactively support companies in preparing for activism by:
Counselling management and the Board on the activist perspective, common tactics and identifying where they may be vulnerable to activist attention.
Providing intelligence on specific activists’ characteristics and campaigns.
Conducting a Perception Study to assess current investor sentiment.
Tracking positions taken in companies by activist investors.
Developing a plan to implement in the event of activist engagement.
To the extent an activist investor(s) engages with a company, we provide the following activism counsel and activism communications services:
Recommend and collaborate with experts in the legal, proxy and investment banking fields (i.e. the advisory team).
Advise management regarding initial communications in response to activist overtures.
Communicate with non-activist shareholders to assess the level of support for the activist proposal and deliver an analysis of findings.
Establish and implement a comprehensive communications plan that covers all phases of the activist campaign.

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