Human Capital Development and Training

We believe in etching the introduction to process, supply chain, and performance management on the subconscious of our clients before we ask the question about the definition, management, and improvement in standard processes. We seriously take our course through defining and appraising process performance, translating process performance into people performance – setting objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In our training programme, we also consider managing human resources – the performance management process, and creating a performance-driven organisation, management strategy and policy concept, formulation, implementation and process. At Enam-Edmond consult, we believe in the following:
Working with staff and stakeholders to identify and quantify improvement opportunities and most importantly to realise all these.
A structured approach to process mapping, re-design and engagement in the change management process.
Identifying and implementing improvements to systems and technology used to support organisational objectives.

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Please know that your contribution towards building our destination and our brand in such a way is acknowledged and greatly appreciated…

Thuto Phaka
Trade Relations manager, South African Tourism

It’s wonderful to see people like this. People who are passionate and dedicated. We are fortunate to have such talented people working for them.
Thank you for all the help you have given me.

Keith Bell
Production Editor, Jonnic Group

We hope that you would continue in the good work of driving the consistent presentation of your unique tasting premium adult soft drink, Malta Guinness that has just changed its packaging to a fantastic new 33cl bottle which promises consumers Goodness inside and out.

Innocent Oboh
Brand manager Malta Guinness, Guinness Nigeria