our approach

We are conscious of measuring our client relationships in considerable timeframe – not short term – and view each assignment as a long-term partnership opportunity.

For most clients, we are always poised to serve as an outsourced investor relations department – a virtual ‘office down the hall.’ For larger companies with an Investor Relations Officer (IRO) or similar internal capabilities, we are grounded to provide an array of support services including positioning, drafting various forms of investor communications, arranging investor meetings and analyst days, conducting perception studies, and managing communications during crises.

Our Ground Norm

At the root of our practice is a pact consisting of the guiding principles which we refer to as ‘Our Ground Norm’:

We do not hesitate taking a different approach with our clients on occasion, and in our approach offer options that we strongly believe provide the best return on management’s time and capital investment.

We carry out our due diligence on every potential client, and assess the opportunities and challenges unique to that company.

We commit a senior executive of outstanding experience to every client.

We only steer clients towards programs or events on which they advance our shared goals.

We do not overpromise what we can deliver. We work as a team to customize an approach that best addresses each company’s unique goals, and revise our strategy as it is expedient.

how can we help you?

We help your company create and improve their financial position through long lasting and mutually rewarding relationships.

Please know that your contribution towards building our destination and our brand in such a way is acknowledged and greatly appreciated…

Thuto Phaka
Trade Relations manager, South African Tourism

It’s wonderful to see people like this. People who are passionate and dedicated. We are fortunate to have such talented people working for them.
Thank you for all the help you have given me.

Keith Bell
Production Editor, Jonnic Group

We hope that you would continue in the good work of driving the consistent presentation of your unique tasting premium adult soft drink, Malta Guinness that has just changed its packaging to a fantastic new 33cl bottle which promises consumers Goodness inside and out.

Innocent Oboh
Brand manager Malta Guinness, Guinness Nigeria